Monoprints, Masks, and Monet


6:30PM | 611 Riverside Ave, Westport CT

With Monoprints, Masks & Monet, Benton has carried the Japanese influence that Monet so coveted, and as well his Gardens at Gverny which Benton visited in 2013 as part of her From Paintings in Proust series. That visit led to an outpouring of monoprints utilizing the 25 photographs she took on that glorious day. Not content with mere photos, the artist incorporated details in the structure of her layered prints.


In addition, and unique to this exhibit, is the rare display of the artist welded steel and bronze masks. Out of more that 600 masks she’s created over the span of 30 plus years, only 50 remain unsold. Indeed these are her performing and workshop masks and stellar examples of the work that led her to work and travel in 32 countries throughout the world. Benton will also be exhibiting a completely new series of copper and paper pulp masks.


Native to New York City, Suzanne Benton has shared her many-faceted art for over 30 years in 29 countries. A trans-culturalist and feminist pioneer based in the States, her venues stretch from New York City to villages in remote parts of Africa, India, and Nepal, and to philosophy and education portals from Calcutta to Cambridge. A former Fulbright Scholar (India), and recipient of many grants, artist residencies and hostings by the cultural arm of US Embassies, she’s traveled worldwide since 1976, sharing her work in Bali, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, England, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, and Yugoslavia. Beyond exhibiting widely (150 solo shows and representation in museum and private collections worldwide), Benton is a highly recognized metal mask maker and mask performance artist, printmaker, painter, lecturer, and workshop leader.


The opening exhibition is open to the public and begins on Friday, June 19th at 6:30PM at 611 Riverside Avenue in Westport, CT. The show will continue on through July 17th. For more information, please call 203-297-3059.